Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Ales Tulpa

Owner and general manager of the company, advisor and consultant for international franchise activities.

He has many experiences as a general manager of leading international companies, for example general manager of OBI Czech Republic (franchise and own DIY stores, No. 1 on the Czech market), general manager of QUELLE Czech and Slovak Republic (market leader in direct mail catalogue selling, No. 1 on the Czech market), general manager of Lasselsberger Group Czech Republic and Eastern Europe (the biggest producer of ceramic tiles and building materials in Central Europe).

He was also president of the Czech Franchise Association and member of the Board of the Czech Trade and Tourism Federation. He is currently member of the Czech Franchise Association´s Supervisory Board.

He is the founder and co-owner of AVEX BAUMARKT, franchise network of DIY-stores in the Czech and Slovak Republic. More info


Mrs. Dipl.-Ing. Alena Tulpova

General manager of the company; consultant for marketing and franchise concept development. Owner of a partner company AVEX GmbH that has been operating on the German market since 1991 and is offering recruitment and consult services for German companies that want to enter the Czech market.


RNDr. Jiri Lostak

External advisor and consultant for the local adaptation of franchise systems and development of manual standards.

Member of the Czech Franchise Association.


... and further members of staff and cooperating partners

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